Mind blowing experiences in goa you cannot miss

  • Published On: Nov 29, 2017
Mind Blowing Experiences In Goa You Cannot Miss

Goa is a small state which has huge things to do. With its climate and serene beaches, parties, and water sports are like being in heaven on earth. The state is famous for churches, museums, mansions, and its culture. When we think of Goa, the only thing comes to our mind is a beach. There are many other places and things to enjoy in Goa. Take a look at different places to visit in your Goa trip which will provide you a great experience.

Visit the butterfly conservatory - Ponda

The Butterfly conservatory shows you the happiest and colorful fluttering species in the world. You will be delighted by the colorful butterfly flying around you. This beautiful butterfly sanctuary creates a heaven for the visitors.

Discover the Chorao Island

Charao Island is the largest island in Goa, located in the city Panji and 10km away from Mapusa. The island is called as Chodna or Chodan by local citizens. The island is attractive because of its amazing flora and fauna, it will be an offbeat pleasure of Goa holidays.

Delightful dolphin show

Dolphin show is a popular activity in Goa. Get a chance to spot the most friendly creatures dolphins in the luxury of the yachts. One hour of cruising in Arabian sea spotting dolphin is a very pleasing trip. These playful mammals will delight every visitor as they can play and feed the dolphins. There are opportunities for you to take a refreshing dip in the water and swim with dolphins. Dolphin viewing along with friends and family for an unparalleled experience.

Go on an exciting Crab Catching Trip

If you are an adventure enthusiast and want to have some fun, then take part in this unique crab catching tour. Crab catching in Goa is done via handmade traps called ‘Cobllem’ which is a circular metal ring hung through nylon net. You will be instructed and trained by authority instructor how to catch the crabs along with necessary equipment in the tour. Along with crab catching, you can also enjoy on the seashore, take a walk and admire the oceanic beauty.